The Napping Shabbat

Because I never ended up posting Friday, I’ll start from there. Because this week was a “closed shabbat” we had mandatory services at 8:45 am Friday morning. That wasn’t too early, and I even managed to get up in time to have breakfast first. After services Arielle, Sabrina and I went to the shuk. I ended up with an outrageous amount of my favorite roasted almonds. more dried apricots than one person should ever have, and a solid amount of the best dried mango ever. While Sabrina was in Marzipan, Arielle and I also bought ourselves a little mini bread to eat, it was only 4 nis and quite tasty! Image

We got back in time for lunch, but neither of us were hungry (we had just had bread plus plenty of samples from the shuk) so we lounged around in the room for a bit until our 12:30 session with Jules as part of the Conservative Judaism Seminar that was going on this weekend. The session was really boring and I was just trying to stay awake… So after that, I, along with almost everyone else, put myself down for a nap! It was a solid, deep sleep kind of nap, and if I could have stayed in bed forever, I totally would have. BUT I dragged my booty out of bed for a workout with Arielle and Sabrina (Gabe joined in too) Apparently word of my ab and arm workouts is getting around, because people keep asking me to teach them too. 

Then it was Shabbs time! The weather was chilly, so I pulled out the tights and boots, and I got SO many compliments! ImageWe did Kabbalat Shabbat all together and it was really nice, and followed by a tasty dinner. After dinner, Jake, Arielle and I decided to go for a walk. We weren’t sure exactly where we were going, but ended up deciding to go to the Kotel. Jake didn’t want to go through the Arab shuk, so he took us a different way and we kinda not really got lost, but it was an adventure! We got back to Agron just in time for tish (that’s that singing thing we do) Tish was nice this week because Yossi was actually there to keep it controlled. 

Once that was through I went to my room to straighten my hair! I’m not sure why I decided to, I just did. I managed to do it in an hour! That needs to go in the record books somewhere! Then, because I had napped and wasn’t tired, I ended up in Penina’s room with Jake, Gaby, Maya, and her until about 2 am… whoops. 

This morning we got up for services, and even though it wasn’t so chilly out, I busted out another pair of boots! One of my favorite things about Fall is the boots!Image Services were abnormally long today because besides the fact that it was the second longest torah reading of the year, we also had Storah Tellers there. They are people who like act out the parshah in funny little skits. It was entertaining, but I also just kinda wanted to be done. 

We had kiddush and lunch, and then everyone just crashed. I first spend some time in the sun reading on the balcony, but I too succumbed to heavy eyelids and found myself crashed in bed again. I had the deepest sleep and the weirdest dreams! After about 2 hours, I pulled myself out of bed and went to look around, but everyone was sleeping. The halls were silent! I went on a nice brisk walk to Jaffa gate and back, and once I returned my roommates were awake. We had another session with Jules about Hallacha, and I was actually pretty interested (maybe because between my nap and my walk I was wide awake) Then was Mincha, dinner, Ma’ariv and havdallah. 

After that, Arielle and I went on a froyo date! Once we got back, I said I was going to study, but that was almost 3 hours ago… so far I have managed to watch some videos, facetime my mom, then stacey for a really long time, and now here I am blogging. Maybe I’ll study after this… 

But actually, I’m really just hoping hulu is working again so I can catch up on Biggest Loser, Modern Family, The Middle, and Grey’s Anatomy. Good thing I don’t have classes Sunday! 



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